Tallinn Colors'24



Concerts / Food / Drinks / Crafts / Performances / Club Programme / Workshops / Art / Literature / Cinema

Fostering connections and embracing tradition with a forward-thinking attitude, Tallinn Colors is a vibrant festival designed for curious explorers.

The goal is to unite the diverse communities in Estonia through the simple art of getting together and doing things, captivating musical performances, art, and a food court with 20+ vendors from around the world.

The hosting venue, Paavli Kultuurivabrik will be turned into an all-around make-your-own-adventure type experience where no stop is similar to the last one.

To make this a reality we want to collaborate with a diverse array of communities and organizations, all of whom are contributing to this project through knowledge and action.

We have so far involved content partners from various diaspora communities:
Morocco, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, India and have a diverse lineup of live music/djs, performances, and as well a very diverse food court presenting flavors from the world.

We intend to showcase the diverse 'Colors' of Tallinn by bringing together all communities represented in Estonian society.

Our goal is to develop Tallinn Colors into an annual festival that celebrates diversity, culture, joy, and togetherness for all backgrounds, ages and cultures!